About The Artist


My name is Kristoffer Godwin. I am a digital art professional. This site represents a slice of my hopes, dreams and failures. It is a small selection of work that I am happy to share with the world. I have been fortunate enough in life to afford the education and time to hone skills in real life as well as using technology. I have learned so much and yet know so little of the vastness of life. I have cut my own path towards spiritual fulfillment and intellectual self-actualization through psychedelic healing, expression in the arts, and truly listening to the world around me. I have many skills and many talents, and so much more to do in life. I strive to animate my works in videos, on buildings, ceilings and sculptures. I want to paint the world with my crafts anywhere that life is welcome. If you have similar interests including cyberpunk, steampunk, VR, 3D printing, kittuns, and world domination, please email me at god.zuul@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “About The Artist

  1. Hello Zuul, I met you at the Arts & Crafts swap meet hosted by NXT last month. I wanted you to know I really enjoy your website. You showed me on your phone but checking it out on a monitor is awesome. My DA address is below. I am hoping that you would be open to a trade, you are good at things I find baffling.


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